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Daydreaming about European men 

Buy- bought- bought?

Did you enjoy sex and the city? If so, this column is definitely for you. We don’t need to go to New York to discover people’s sexuality, Martina Lopes writes openly about her European sexual experiences here in E&M. Let’s talk about sex, baby!

In our second edition of this column she talks about being bought - or at least about the feeling of being bought.

It is unbelievably easy to travel anywhere in Europe. The distances are minuscule and the airfares are often shockingly low (thank you, Easy Jet and Ryanair). Now, for someone who instantly thinks about travel, sex and romance in the same sentence, you can see how this is a very exciting prospect. But sex travel, as I call it, isn’t always as uncomplicated as we might like it to be, especially when someone generously offers to pay for the whole thing. But let me start at the beginning.

Before my first week at university, I flew to Copenhagen to visit a gorgeous Danish boy I met while on vacation in Argentina. I thought we’d never see each other again, when it occurred to me how close Denmark and the UK actually are, and, more importantly, how affordable the ticket was. And so off I went for a weekend of fun, partying and, yes, sex. This was my first taste of the forbidden fruit Europe has to offer, and I definitely wanted more.

But I had to wait. Alas, essays and exams have an annoying way of interfering with an international sex life. So I studied hard while longing for another European adventure. And then, as though someone had been watching my daydreams, I receive an extremely flirtatious Facebook message from a good friend, a very successful consultant who used to be an investment banker. I don’t think there’s any group of people that take more advantage of the ease of European travel… I felt my stomach flutter at the sight of his name in my inbox. What could he want? To my great pleasure, it turned out he was back in Europe for work and he wanted to see me. “Name your destination and we’ll go: Berlin, Florence, Paris, Barcelona, it’s up to you.” This was it! The ultimate European sex trip.

This was my first taste of the forbidden fruit Europe has to offer, and I definitely wanted more.

Back to earth, I told myself as I wrote back. I said I hadn’t been to any of these cities, and was up for anything he recommended. He responded that same night and told me he had to attend a one day conference in Barcelona in two weeks, and that I should meet him for a weekend of partying and fun. My stomach fluttered again. Classes would be over by then and I was thankfully free to accept, which I immediately did.

I was incredibly excited until I logged on to my trusty reduced-fare airline sites. The prices were exorbitant! I should’ve known, since Barcelona tends to be a very popular destination around the end of June… Sheepishly, I wrote my friend another message explaining that the price tag on our little vacation didn’t exactly fit a student budget. He called me the next day. I love the sound of his voice, it reminds me of the fun we’ve had between the sheets in the past… “I’ve found some tickets that are perfectly reasonable and as soon as you say the word, I’ll buy them.” This is where I should’ve thought twice, but the lure of sex travel was too great and I accepted his very kind offer. I wish I’d known the trip would turn out to be a complete disaster.

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