vietnam_smallCan the children of immigrants ever feel truly at home with their identity - especially when people are constantly asking them to define themselves? Yumin Li goes on a search for lost identity in the Vietnamese communities of Berlin.

baker_smalllLost in translation: the weird and wonderful idioms from all over Europe which ought to be part of the English language. This time: love goes through the stomach.

Shan_Sa_wiki_cutWriter Shan Sa has made her own journey from China to Europe - now she takes us to her homeland, with her introduction to a novel written by "The voyager of lakes and seas."

moon_smallFound in the treasure chests of the English language: useful words, strange phrases, Shakespearean quips... This time: we're as blind as a bat and as deaf as a post.

mole_smallYou wouldn't have thought that a little mole could do much for European values in the dark days of the Iron Curtain... But a plucky little Czech creature brought East and West together, making him a true European treasure.

tomatoes_smallIt began as a pizza hand-out, and became a mass movement: Slow Food has spread across the world from Italy. Maybe it's time we all threw away our cheeseburgers and joined the campaign for calm cooking?


Freddy and Francesca were so sure of their feelings that nothing could keep them apart after their Erasmus experience in Metz: neither the distance, nor Freddy's expiring visa. They would do anything for their love -even getting married.

Lucia_smallWhether it's a girl wearing a crown of candles, a nine-branched candelabrum or a city completely lit up to commemorate the Virgin Mary, the European winter is full of festivals of light.

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