on_the_roadWhat can an atheist gain from a pilgrimage through northern Spain? Tilman Daiger didn't find God on the way of St. James but he certainly came upon some other very valuable insights.

francescaFrancesca La Vigna came from Rome to Berlin as a volunteer and was promoted after only a year to be head of office of 'Citizens of Europe'. Her mission: to discover how citizens create a 'European space'!

applicant_This is a very special edition of our beloved Coach's Couch: let's welcome our home-grown expert Lucy Duggan! After having to choose 6 out of 360 applicants for our January workshop in Hamburg she has some quite interesting insights into the Dos and Don'ts of applying to share...

Erasmus_Mundus_TeaserErasmus Mundus... Doesn't that already sound promising? Read more about Noemi's and Craig's ultimate European study experience, travelling the continent in international company.

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