forgotten_capitalsAlready planning your summer holidays but unsure where to go? E&M has some surprising suggestions for you! Our four insider tips might not be the typical cities on every tourist's agenda, but we'll show you why they are at the secret heart of European culture...

anateaserYou have difficulties convincing your flatmates to tidy up the living room? Well, to Anamaria Hâncu this might seem an easy challenge after mobilising a whole country in order to clean up Romania!

chipThe European Institute of Technology is Europe's answer to the United States' supremacy in scientific research. But what should we expect? Is it a second-rate imitation or a new and revolutionary "European" way of doing science?

cheersThe Grandes Écoles are the universities where France breeds its future business crème de la crème. A look behind the façade of decadence and elitism at one of France's top business schools…

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