LandauMarkusWorking to make a living... That's how many approach decisions about their professional future. Markus Petz from the UK, however, is committed to promoting an alternative way of life. If you want to know how satisfying it is to work for what you believe in, keep reading...

Georgia_ruinGeorgia... USA? No! Georgia, the country at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Asia, where time passes slowly... We know so little about this country, so we decided to ask some young Europeans living and working there to paint an image of it in our minds.

footballFootball is known as the beautiful game. But can it reconcile former enemies and bring peace to war-torn regions? We find out about the 3rd European Street Football Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.

julian_an_der_wienWould you lend Julian Walkowiak your legs for a couple of months - or even a couple of days? He's asking young people to join him for the trip of a lifetime.

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