Eurovision_thumbFor some, the Eurovision song contest is an embarrassing and painful display of old-fashioned nationalism; for others it is European togetherness at its best. From a more sober perspective: what does this year's contest tell us about the current condition of Europe?

flop_thumbnailCrisis, crisis, there is a crisis! Europe is facing a confidence crisis and nationalistic temperaments are making it worse. We are neglecting other important issues going on in Europe and in the world. And it is all because of the "Eurocrisis". 

drakulic_thumbJoin Croatian journalist Slavenka Drakulić and E&M in a "Debating Europe" discourse: What are European identity, European fears and the power of European citizens? Tell us what you think. 

unconditional_income_thumbForget about Eurobonds and "Grexit". Belgium philosopher and political economist Philippe Van Parijs believes he has found the solution to the Eurocrisis - Unconditional Basic Income. E&M challenges him on his revolutionary idea.

top_thumbDear Schengen agreement, when I read that soon you might be gone - they are slowly trying to tear you apart, aren't they? - I had to write you a letter. I don't care if you think that's cheesy - isn't it time to embrace the cliché?

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