bratislavasmallAre Vienna and Bratislava just geographically close or is there also a lively cultural exchange? Katharina Brenner catches a train to find the answer.

gardenMany young Europeans have lost faith. But in a constantly accelerating world, a few islands of silence and religious reflection are becoming increasingly popular holiday destinations. Dauntless Kina will take us on yet another alternative weekend trip; this time to the Netherlands...

musselssmallJust like treasure, Green Gems can be hidden under the sea. Learn all (even the gross details you didn't want to hear) about a summer delicacy: the mussel.

teaser_pawYou've surely heard: sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. We think this is especially true when it comes to talking about a journey. In this issue, E&M invites you to participate in Sweden's midsummer magic.

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