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Will any of these scandals inspire the next great movie?

How cinema-worthy are POlitical sex scandals?

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." This quote by former US president Bill Clinton will not be forgotten in some time, if ever. But sex scandals don't only take place across the Atlantic: we actually have quite a few over here on the European continent, too. Sex and politics have a strange tendency to follow each other around and create drama whenever they meet. We decided to look at some political sex scandals and see if the level of drama is cinema-worthy.

The Profumo scandal: Take an important, married British politician in the 1960s. Let him go to a party. Enter a young showgirl. Give the story a twist by revealing that the young mistress previously had sexual relations with the enemy, a Russian spy. The UK is hit by a massive, front-page-news political scandal.

Level of cinema-worthiness: High. Cold war, minister, young girl, a spy... the movie writes itself. 

The Skuratov scandal: Russia in the 1990s. A prosecutor makes a risky move and accuses important politicians of corruption and in no-time, a sex video spreads like wildfire over television screens across the country. The video is said to portray said prosecutor with two prostitutes, and although the authenticity of the tape could be questioned, the prosecutor loses his job. 

Level of cinema-worthiness: Medium. Ever since Paris Hilton's tape, sex videos aren't as raunchy.

The Strauss-Kahn scandal: One of the most powerful men in politics, believed to be the next presidential candidate in France. Suddenly arrested at a New York airport accused of sexually assaulting a maid at a hotel. The story makes international headlines, but what is the truth? Is this the story of a man abusing his power, or a setup to get rid of an opponent before a presidential election?

Level of cinema-worthiness: High.

The Berlusconi scandal: An elderly, already controversial prime minister with a track record of accusations of sexually innapropriate nature, is accused of having paid a 16 year-old, hence under-aged, girl for sexual services. Stories of "harems" of girls younger than the Prime Minister's own children surface, and against the odds, following years of controversial allegations, the Prime Minister faces legal trial. Is it the end of his time on the throne, or will he overcome the threat to his power yet again?

Level of cinema-worthiness: Medium. But will anyone want to watch a Berlusconi look-alike on screen?

The Thorpe scandal. Start out with the story of a leader of the British Liberal party, young and successful. Add a beautiful male model and accuse the politican of having sexual relations with him, in a time period when homosexuality was illegal. Let the audience believe that this is an epic story where love conquers all, but surprise them by adding a murder attempt on the alleged lover, leading to the politican to be taken to court and effectively ending his career. A political scandal, love, tragedy and a dash of a criminal plot.

Level of cinema-worthiness: High.

There we have it. Directors and script-writers across the continent, have we helped plant the seed of a future movie?

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