Here at E&M, we wanted to ring in your New Year the right way- with lots of sex and tips to turn on your libido. Ever loyal to our reader and adamant about making sure that you had only the most accurate first hand accounts of what would be the trendiest sexcapades of 2013, we wanted to sacrifice our minds, bodies, and souls to bring you the Top 5 Sex trends of 2013.

However, to replace our first hand adventures with something just as reliable, we interviewed two sexperts – psychotherapy and family expert Barbara, and social worker women’s programming assistant Morgan – for their expert advise on the top trends of 2013. We also made sure to include your feedback, dear reader, so you know exactly what your fellow E&M readers are thinking as they read our top sex trends for 2013!

Top Trend #1: Masturbation

By the time you read this, the clock will have struck midnight and 2013 will be rolling underway. Some of you will be reading this from your new iphone 5, others from the comforts of your bed as you hit the scroll button on your PC. You’ll finish your skinny latte and head out the door where someone texts you on your android about the latest deposition that’s due in an hour or for notes on the class covering Foucault from a missed before Christmas break.

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Image: anonymous, First joke of the virgins from the Bavarian Place in 12 copies by Simonxag (PD)
Masturbation can be done 'solo' or with someone else.

The question remains…with society indisputably at its more innovative, progressive, and acute, why are we still afraid to…dare I say it…talk about masturbation? Social worker and women’s programming assistant Morgan states, “Masturbation is a taboo because we have interlocked sex with reproduction…so what starts off as sexual exploration during childhood and early adolescents is often shamed.”

This shame and denial of the sexual self leads to shame about masturbation. “Many of us experience trauma in some way related to our sexuality, and our sexuality is an expression of ourselves. I feel like most people in our society, no matter what age, race, class, sexual identity, have shame linked to this aspect of themselves", Morgan continues.

Silvia of Italy, 26, agrees. “I feel a bit embarrassed to talk about it. I think its absolutely normal but I guess the embarrassment may also come from the fear of sharing too much….that what I say might be perceived as weird or wrong.”

Don't be afraid to check out sex toys, experiment while you are with your partner, or take some time for yourself to tap into your unconscious desires.

But the fact of the matter is, masturbation, fantasies, and the experimentation of ones sexuality is completely normal. According to the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, around 90% of people from the ages 25 to 29 state that they masturbate. Further, rates for masturbating with a partner are also on the rise (called outercourse). Sex toys are also increasing in popularity, with sex toy purchases and themed parties becoming more common place.

Freud believed that everyone had a central masturbation fantasy comprised of how they see themselves when they have great sex. And we all want great sex! So don't be afraid to check out sex toys, experiment while you are with your partner, or take some time for yourself to tap into your unconscious desires to figure out what works best for you. Don't forget that masturbation is good for your physical and sexual health, and that it's an amazing relax technique!

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