Sexo oral, оральный секс, oralinis seksas, oralsex, orálny sex or le grand sexe oral. Maybe you've used one of these words to say oral sex... in your own language! Don't worry though, you're not the only one and the good news is that you're now part of that amazing group of people that considers oral sex less of a taboo.

But let's move on and talk about some sexy and obviously worthy facts about oral sex.

Can you say it out loud?

Because oral sex is a taboo in so many cultures - as every good sex-related issue should be - people have had to come out with very creative and beautifully metaphoric ways of referring to it. Maybe you've heard of a 'blowjob' or 'going down on' someone? Does the position '69' ring a bell? Or do you just refer to it using more technical terms like fellatio, cunnilingus or even analingus?

oral sex
Oral sex: a lot of tongue involved!


E&M has created a small dictionary with the translation of oral sex into some of the languages used in Europe, a tool that might always be handy whenever you, wonderful reader, travel and meet locals in some far, far sexy land.

Sexo oral (Portuguese and Spanish)
Oральный секс (Russian)
Oralinis seksas (Lithuanian)
Orálny sex (Slovak)
Sexe oral (French)
Orální sex (Czech)
Oralverkehr (German)
Oralsex (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
Oraalseks (Estonian)
Στοματικό σεξ (Greek)
Buŝa seksumado (Esperanto – We're wondering where you will use this one ...)
Munnmök (Icelandinc)
Sesso orale (Italian)
Coitus oralis (Latin)

Please, feel free to email E&M with other translations!

Oral sex throughout history

The first evidence of oral sex practices dates back as far as to the 30th century BC. The Egyptians back then seem to have been far more tolerant towards sex, compared with the Europeans that came a couple of centuries afterwards. Oh yes, oral sex used to be forbidden in Europe and this prohibition was, not surprisingly, dictated by the church.

Watch out if you travel to Singapore: beyond any doubt the wrong place to have oral sex. Here laws are possibly one of the strictest of the world.

People used to think that oral sex was a sin and it was labeled as a serious crime because it could only be practiced for pleasure, just like anal sex! The punishment was heavy: three years incarceration for using those strange, devious and pleasurable sex positions.

Nowadays, you would have thought that times had changed. This is certainly true in Europe but there are still some places around the world where you'll get into serious problems if you're caught in the act of cunnilingus. In Indonesia for example, oral sex is forbidden as well as in 28 states of the USA. These 'crimes' are seldom prosecuted though and if the punishment occurs it's 'just' because the authorities want to set a (definitely strange) moral example.

Watch out though, if you travel to Singapore: beyond any doubt the wrong place to have oral sex. Here laws are possibly one of the strictest of the world and you'll risk a 10 year prison sentence if you're busted going all the way down.

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