Internships are the black hole of our generation -there's no way to escape from them once you step in. E&M wants to know more about your internship experiences, but you'll have to follow some rules: during a 3-month period, send us six postcards, in which you share the highlights of the last two weeks at work. Tell us what it is like to be an intern in Europe! Send you postcards to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When E did her first internship in New York, she was as happy as someone in a dream job with a dream salary. It was the excitement of the first “real world” experience -and the fact that an internship was the normal thing you were expected to do as a student. A couple of years later, at an age when the normal would have been having a job, she is not so excited anymore.

At Intern Mail, she reflects on her latest experience interning at an NGO based in Berlin. According to her, “a sad story when you realize internships are not training periods anymore.” She blames this on the limited learning experience you get after years in the same type of position and the frustration of working as much as a real employee without getting their benefits.

Through the six postcards of this series, E cries for a change in the concept of internships in Europe in a way that allows her generation to “get real jobs that make us grow professionally.”

Postcard 6
Postcard 6 Postcard 6
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Teaser photo: Stamp from the Netherlands. Public domain.

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