Photo: Gunita Klauga
She has got a lot to tell you!

It's a sunny, but still sleepy morning... the aroma of the coffee is hovering above your untidy hair; cool, but at the same time gentle kisses are playing on your feet like naughty butterflies; you open your eyes and joyfully let them follow the first touches from your darling that morning...

But, it is not like that this morning and maybe it never was this way at all, because when you open your eyes you see a rather corpulent man wearing nothing but a white towel wrapped around his waist (...obviously he's just taken a shower).


He has got a hairy - very hairy - chest and small, inexpressive eyes. The best thing is, that he is holding a cup of...broth?! In the next moment with a quite perverted smile, which shows his white teeth, he asks:

-         "La petite peut être le café ?"  (Would you like to have some coffee, baby?)

You are so stressed about this image in front of you. You know that you spent last night with slim Frenchman with dark hair, who smelled of instant coffee.

-         "Bon matin..." (Good Morning!)...that is the only thing you can get out right now.

Such is the tenseness of the situation you are experiencing for the first time in your life and I would like to think that it's also the last time. It's part of the dark humour of life, which has the potential to cost much trouble; in the best case, it's a job for a psychologist...

Suddenly with a bright, unashamed smile the overweight man sat down on the bed beside me but his mere presence disturbed me.

-         "D'où toi la petite...?" (Where do you come from, my little one?)

If I had something else between my legs.....!!! No, actually, it has nothing to do with being a man or women, because I could just raise my arm right now and punch this fat being.

  Where the hell such a curiosity if you are an unexpected (or even an invited) guest anyway?

-         "Sorry, mais qui vous...?" (Who are you..?), I asked still quite polite, but my tone displayed an  undisguised anger by this time.

Without takiing his eyes off me, he put his cup of bouillon on the floor, then rubbed his hands and ran them through his shoulder-length hair. Then, he looked for my hand under the blanket and gave it a hearty kiss.

-         "Votre admirateur!" (Your admirer!) he said in a rough voice.

I wanted to shout and jump naked out of the bed in order not to see, hear or feel this unfortunate figure anymore. Then, suddenly, two handsome eyes appeared in the doorway. He was bringing two cups of coffee and said a couple of beautiful words, which stopped me and let me breathe in...yes, that was him. 

-          "Mon beau chat!" (my little kitten!) he said in his charming way, with his sweet voice, which touched me deep inside and returned me to peace again. Here was he- my sweet coffee without  sugar, but with sugary kisses instead.

-            "Was this strange man good to you, my dear?"  He gave a cold but short  look to the French guy, although his smile didn't disappear from his face.

-            "No...yes, I mean, yes...he was good to me...he managed to slaver my hand...it should be a specific French hand kiss... I  guess...!"

Photo: Antje Erler/ www.youthphotos.eu

He wasn't listening, but patted the unexpected guest on the back and accompanied him to the door. Then in a very strange walk (it looked rather like a jumping of a lame dog) he came back to me. Boom! A bigger jump and he was lying beside me covering my body with passionate kisses.

"Mon chat", "mon chat" , "mon chat"... he dedicated to every part of  my body.

This grey morning lit up in such bright colours that the plainness disappeared, the words suddenly run out and no noise was to be heared any more. In the flaming sunbeams two bodies like silk vestures flew above each other whirling in a beautiful dance.

As you already know, cats are independent beings....and female cats even more so. I will miss my indescribable master, who loves to talk only in a body language, I will miss his playful kisses, which were sometimes against the grain.

-       " Mrrr!" clever cats always remember their way home.

Way home? I know it is not my real home, but at the end of the day any place where you feel good, you can call home? So I know I'll come back again to this man, for one more time.


PS: Who was the uninvited guest with the hairy adornment on his chest?
Sometimes the odd one out is only odd in the mornings, but it doesn't matter- desserts are desserts without distinction, who is giving them.

The most important thing is that I had somebody, who let me purr in different sounds and he was French, so very French,...miaow !!!!

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