Christof Heinz
Is it a French kiss?

Did you know...?

...the "kissing-confidence" in Europe changes from country to country? According to the survey of the dating agency Friend Scout 24, Europeans have very different views about the kissing skills of those in their neighbouring countries.

While 34% of Germans are relatively taken with the kissing abilities of the French, the compliment is not returned - the French benchmark German expertise as deficient, or rather with 0%, as non-existent... But this aversion apparently isn't mutual: The Germans feel that the French Kiss is even better than that of their own nation.

According to the survey, both countries prefer the tender and passionate kissing
technique, so that Germans cannot give in return what they prefer for themselves. Remember, if a German guy kissed a French girl, only the German side would be truly satisfied, so it's a no-go kiss!!!

However, the majority of the Europeans polled feel pretty convinced about the kissing abilities of their fellow countrymen: the self-confident Spaniards, Italians and French have the opinion that their nation kisses the best. In any case, the number one absolute kissing no-go is trans-national: 50% of the polled have been on the receiving end of the so-called "bubbler". A method with an absence of creativity which induces people to perform a monotonous tongue-rotation leding to a break-up of any eroticism. Unpopular as kissing partners are also the "cleaners", whose use tons of spittle to turn the kiss into a wet pleasure.

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