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the cast

Professor Jürgen Trabant - Professor of Romance Linguistics at the Freie Universität Berlin. Rector of Studienkolleg zu Berlin. Taught at the Universities of Tübingen, Bari, Rome, Hamburg, Berlin, Stanford, Leipzig, Davis, Paris and Limoges.

Professor Tanja Börzel - at the age of 33 she became professor for political science, and thus one of the youngest female professors in Germany ever. Being now 38 she has a CV consisting of 6 pages. Currently she is the head of the Chair of European Integration at the Freie Universität Berlin.

the crew

Stefanie Trambow - director, camera, cut
Hanna Pilawa - assistance
Tilman Reinhardt - music
Kristin Kruthaup - driver


Gliniecker Brücke - The Bridge of Unity. A bridge in Berlin which spans the Havel River to connect the cities of Potsdam and Berlin and thus West Berlin and GDR before the Reunification of Germany. The Soviet Union and the United States used it three times to exchange captured spies during the Cold War. Hence the Bridge was referred to as the Bridge of Spies by reporters.

*cover photo by Lukas Bischofberger, youthmedia.eu

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