The Jet Setter

He calls one hundred cities his home, moves from one place to the next and his academic work is not quoted by one or two institutes but by 20: the jet setter-type of student. His career does not follow a straight line because he is too much of a free thinker to follow the rules of one institute. Instead he moves from university to university, meets a lot of important people and enjoys the local spirit(s)...

Picture: Hans Holbein
Erasmus writing his
129th book

And here´s the famous example: Erasmus of Rotterdam (1469 - 1536), philosopher, theologian and critical mind of the 16th century who studied in many different countries. But more important then studying books in other countries seemed to him studying the „culture". Or do you have another explanation for this answer? Asked why would he stay so long in France, Erasmus said: „The tiled stoves keep me away from Germany and the wine, which we do not have enough of here, invites me to France".

Jealous? Voilá, that´s how it works:

1st of all:Make sure cash flows: If you do not have enough money become a part of a mighty institution. Erasmus chose the Church; however, we do not recomend it nowadays (unless you're from Poland). Instead, walk in Erasmus´ footsteps and join the Erasmus programme. If the programme´s fee of 100 Euros per month won´t cover your preference for French champaign, no worries: Try it with a well-paid scholarship in the consulting or IT branch.

2nd: Become a jetset babe: During his studies Erasmus moved between Paris, Oxford, Turin, Venice, Basel and back. If he could manage it back in the 16th century in order to top him, you should be ready for more exotic destinations: After one semester in Tasmania´s capital Hobart you should think of living for a while in Mauritania, the next place to be.

3rd: Study the mainstream subjects: Back in 16th century it used to be philosophy and theology. Choose some sort of management or engine construction (look at point number one).

Photo: Jona Hölderle

4th: Get published, so people in many different institutes get to know your name - if they like it or not! One of Erasmus´ 150 books was "The Praise of Folly" - call one of your 150 books "The Praise of Agricultural Policy of the European Union" or something like that.

5th: As Erasmus was an universal academic, he is quoted in many different sciences. Make sure you get quoted as well. That means: Visit as many conferences as possible and give incomprehensible lectures. The more academics won´t understand you, the more will quote you in their work.

6th: Erasmus made many friends all over Europe. He wrote about 1000 words per day - many, many letters to all his friends to debate about important things. Easy for you: Just text six or seven friends every day and you´re the man. And don't forget to bring on some glamour in the text massages: "Concerning the French culture policy Madame Bruni just told me..."

And the last rule to become a jet set student: Erasmus never began a family or made a place his home. So, never stay longer than six weeks in one place. If your fellow students start to greet you in the library, you definitely know: It´s time to leave!

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