When we called Stanišić's agent, he didn't exactly give us much hope. He doesn't have much time and it is just the first issue after all. We thought we would never hear from him again. But...one week later we suddenly got an email from Stanišić. No "Hello", just text with a small note "I hope you like my text and I didn't miss the point." We think he didn't. We just love it.


Photo: Juliane Henrich
Saša Stanišić: Write a book. Now!

Every young European should have read a book written by another young European. Every old European should have written a book - about his life, about wars and loves, about thinking and wanting, about the office and the lawnmower - which is read by young Europeans. Every young European should write a book about youth which is then read by old Europeans. Every old European should have written a book for a young European, beginning with the sentence: "I never met you, but I can tell you something you don't know yet." Every European boy should give a European girl his book about his great passion and say: "For you! How about going for a coffee?"

Saša Stanišić

born in Višegrad, 1978, came to Germany, 1992, author of "How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone", 2006 which has now been translated into 20 languages. For further information check www.kuenstlicht.de.

Hundreds of old Greek European ladies should travel through Scandinavia and write books about Scandinavia, which will be translated by young Europeans into Spanish and Portuguese, so that they can be read by every young Spanish and Portuguese European. Young Icelandic Europeans should travel through the Czech Republic and Slovakia and write cook books of Czech and Slovak dishes, which will be cooked by young British Europeans (that would do the English cuisine a great deal of good!).

Every young European should learn a foreign language, in order to read his favourite book in the original. Every young European should think of foreign languages not as something foreign, but as something of our own, a way to belong and appreciate and connect. Every young Romanian European should write a book together with an old French European lady in a mixture of Romanian and French. The book should be translated into Turkish and continued by a young Turkish European.

Every young European should have read the Koran, the Bible, the four Hindu Vedas and every other holy text, in order to understand that we're all looking for the same thing: happiness. Every young European should have written a book about happiness which is read by all young Europeans.

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