In Western Europe it has become a sport to view Polish politicians as enemies of Europe. Here is empirical evidence which seems to prove the opposite: our TOP European, Radoslaw Sikorski, Poland's foreign minister.

True or false? European enthusiasm reaches its limits when money is concerned. After Eastern enlargement the whole of Western Europe is complaining about the financial consequences. But are Eastern Europeans really the main beneficiaries of EU budget?

Alexander Lukashenko prepared Belarus for a parliamentary election using methods which the rest of Europe left behind decades ago. The continent's last dictator, from the counry in the middle of Europe, is our FLOP European of the issue.

Romanians and Serbs consider each other to be great neighbours. However, they actually don't know anything about each other, as Milan and Marius realised when they got in contact with one another. Flights from Bucharest to Belgrade go via Munich or Vienna. "So close, and yet so far", says Marius.

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