This summer Europe moved to China. Adrian, our sport expert, jokes around about the absurdity of simulcast in the middle of the night, but even he gets serious when it comes to the fate of a sportsman/sportswoman.

„He didnt' have to be afraid of cultural differences – he was an educated Christian, he knew Latin and he travelled a lot, so he felt at home in any part of the land which the emperors called Cristianitas.“ A story, part II.

"Brussels" is a bad word. It means everything that's neither cool nor funky, neither young nor funny. Yet somehow ugliness can be fascinating: the strangest lines of the European legislation, this time of fishes and men.

What type of student are you? Which of the Greats could be your role model?

In this issue:

Friedrich Nietzsche vs. the nut case - see if you have enough chaos within you to get a cult status.

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