Europe comes with chances but also with challenges - on top of an excellent (academic) education, one needs so-called "soft" skills for Europe's 21st century. The top-executive coach provides insights on how to keep pace with the world today without losing nerves or fun in life. Book tips included. Lesson 2: Always Have A Plan B!

How does the day start and end for students at Bologna University? And why is ordering spaghetti Bolognese there a mission impossible? Follow Chiara Benassi in our second journey in a series of insider tours of famous universities in Europe.

Finding "the one" always take time and energy... and searching for the right European masters programme is just the same. There seem to be so many, but which one's made for you? In this issue, check out the first 3 of our Top Ten  European Masters Programmes with key information and useful links to get you started.

Our protagonists studied in their home country but then decided to work in another part of Europe. Although it was difficult for their family and friends to understand, they knew it was the right decision - and they were brave enough to follow their dreams. E&M second guest: Lucia Lukanova, a top project manager.

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