Czechs and Slovaks are sure: "We are brothers". Yet, Anna from Slovakia complains: most young Czechs do not learn Slovak. Is it a sign of cultural arrogance? No, replies Petra, there are reasons why young people from both countries regard Czech language as more important

Who dares to suggest the discussion of 'women and football' at an official EU meeting, yells "Coo - coo" at foreign statesmen or concludes that Chinese communists boil children to fertilize their fields? It can only be our FLOP European, Silvio Berlusconi

Sexual freedom was invented in western European states like the Netherlands and those are still the most tolerant. Is that what you think? You might change your opinion if you turn back to history and to the east: starting 1917 in Moscow

Why do we publish this magazine in English? What is an asparagus Tarzan? Can we understand each other while speaking in three different languages? And, who the hell speaks European? Our columnist tells you

Who helps Europe out of the economic turmoil? Someone who can be called a "great European", someone who can produce resolute rescue plans, someone who fights for Europe's unity! Someone like Gordon Brown - you do not think so? Read yourself

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