Europe comes with chances but also with challenges - on top of an excellent (academic) education, one needs so-called "soft" skills for Europe's 21st century. The top-executive coach provides insights on how to keep pace with the world today without losing nerves or fun in life. Book tips included. Lesson 3: Start with the end in mind!

Our protagonists studied in their home country but then decided to work in another part of Europe. Although it was difficult for their family and friends to understand, they knew it was the right decision - and they were brave enough to follow their dreams. E&M third guest: Lee Clough, a passionate artist.

Getting up early in the morning to be the fastest, the best, the winner of the rat race... Are you sure you're on the right track? Follow this interview series to see backstage and find out how business is done and what it really wants. In this issue: Petr Draxler, IBM.

Prague, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels - our columnist Juan Guateque meets young professionals who have radically changed their way of life or taken advantage of Europe's possibilities. What is hidden between the lines of their CVs? This time, follow a Dutch consultant who took a break from work to travel across all the European countries.

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