Did you know...? Our columnist Monika Hanseatic is back and she's got something new for you in this issue. Spring is surely the best time to read some new hot facts and statistics. So, enjoy the sun and maybe more!

Patricia Wratil and Julia Buchholz know about European sexuality in the past! Find out more how sexuality has been affected by politics and morals through the ages. This time: Medieval Sex!

"Holiday love" sounds great, but only if you know all the "dos and don'ts" of dating in a foreign city. So, here's your special European dating book, city by city. This time: Anne-Kathrin Weber's in Budapest!

We are watching you! Our writers are paparazzi: they give us quick glimpses of situations which say something about sexuality in Europe. This time it's Maaike Luttikhuis and Amsterdam Windows.

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