If you don’t believe that Members of the European Parliament can be sexy, we'll change your
mind. Sexy in our eyes isn't just about physical appearance - it's also what Latvians call
"Odziņa". Literally translated, this means "berry"- it's a small personal characteristic or
activity which makes someone irresistible, so that people say "Oh, cute!" 
So, we've chosen one MEP per country to present to you in these sexy elections! You'll find a
picture and a "berry" for each candidate on the European map. All you need to do is vote for
your favourite person!
If you've ever voted for your favourite song in the European Song Contest, then you'll already
know how this kind of voting works, except that this time they won’t sing. You can vote
freely - for one man or for one woman! If you want to know what we're going to do with the
top twelve candidates, then here's the best part - we're planning to create a calendar with the
cutest MEPs in the next issue! So you've got three months to vote!

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