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It`s spring time!

Did you know...?

...that in France, it's not only the baguette that's long and crunchy?

The result of a survey of the German "Institut für Kondomberatung" (Institute for condom advice) which included 10 477 men from 25 EU countries is that the average French man has the largest and bulkiest European penis! With a length of 15.48 cm and a girth of 13.63 cm they outbid the European average which has a length of 14.27 cm and a girth of 11.70 cm. In contrast to the law of physics that coldness makes things shrink, it's the Swedish who come in second: they can offer a length of 15.36 cm.

According to the survey its the Greeks who bring up the rear with an average length of 12.18 cm and a girth of 10.19 cm.

But when we talk about length, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that proportions also important when it comes to the aesthetics of body parts. The results of the survey showed that in Portugal you would find more long, thin penises and in Belgium more short, thick ones.

These results are no reason to worry, because we all know: it's not the length or the girth but what you do with it that counts!

Data taken from Institut der Kondomberatung.Penigrößenstudie, www.kondomberatung.de

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