Even the European Parliament's President believes in it: Europe is the continent of peace and peace is its most important virtue. However, looking at the Global Peace Index, the story turns out to be different

Reconciliation, and especially reconciliation with the Jews, is probably the most essential concept at the heart of post-war Europe. Europe's most sacred statesman dared to question this: our FLOP, pope Benedict XVI

This women made it: She began as a stewardess and became the world's first gay Prime Minister. Johanna Sigurðardóttir will most probably lead Iceland into the EU and the Eurozone. We welcome her into E&M's pantheon of TOP Europeans

Why is English a world language? Why is it Europe's language? Is English simple, sexy or is it a conglomerate of stolen words? Our columnist is convinced: English has the Mayflower to thank for its global success

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