Christian H., 24, comes from Germany, lives in Berlin and will vote in Berlin.

"Europe to me is the responsibilities of the past, the opportunities of the present and the promises of the future. I believe that Europe gives our generation an unprecedented chance to shape our future - if we seize it!"

Photo: Cédric Puisney (CC BY 3.0)
Christian Hannemann

Julia Sterner, 24, comes from Hungary, lives in Berlin and will vote in Berlin.

"Europe is a beautiful continent. I am happy to be at home here - I love how you can live in so many different places and still discover the basic "Europeanness" everywhere."

Photo: Moritz Petzold

Julia Sterner

Laetitia, 25, comes from France, lives in Berlin and will vote in France.

"For me, Europe is something of a mystery. There is no perfect definition for it - most definitions are contradictory - and yet it always remains fascinating.  It is the great variety of cities and cultures, languages and landscapes which defines this small continent... and for our generation, exploring it has never been easier."

Photo: Moritz Petzold


Rosa, 24, comes from Spain and lives in Berlin. She won't vote.

"I don't vote! Sorry! I am apathetic when it comes to politics. I feel European, but not because of politics. For me, culture, history, science and tradition are the most important elements of the European identity."

Photo: Moritz Petzold

Rosa Merino Claros

Bianca Julia Craciun, 23, comes from Romania, lives in Berlin and votes in Romania.

"Europe for me is a place full of history, culture, values. Europe is the place I was born. It is the place I would never leave to live somewhere else. It's more than home."

Photo: Moritz Petzold

Bianca Julia Craciun


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