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London is made for dating!

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Londres/ Londen/ Londyn/ Ло̀ндон/ London is the capital of the United Kingdom, and one of the most important cities in the world , with an average population of about 7.6 million people who are really keen on having fun.

Fifi’s friend (his name is a mystery so..we’ll call him Mr T –not tea! ) is in London right now…they have known each other since they were kids. And, yes, she finally decided to ask him out and went to London for this reason… but help! Fifi doesn’t know the city! What to do? She urgently needs some dating tips Where’s the phone? A-ha!

- 075x3 2569xx… The phone rings:

- Hello Alex! Fifi here. How are you?

- Hi Fifi, I’m fine… Oh my God, I haven’t talked to you for ages, where have you been… How’s your life?

- I’m so happy to hear you! You know me… Travelling, sleeping, eating… Thanks for asking! Are you still in London?

-Yes. Why? Are you planning to visit me?

-I just arrived in London. I have a date with Mr T, remember him? And I don’t know the city… But you must know some great places there?

- Oh… Yes, of course, how could I forget Mr T! He laughs Well, let me see… a date in London… hmm... you could go for dinner and a walk along the embankment, and the Katharine Docks. It would be a really romantic evening because the view is absolutely superb and the fresh air is always a good way to relax... Oh and I know some pretty good restaurants, what kind of food do you like most?

- French, Italian, Chinese… I trust you, I know you have good taste.

- Well, Bertorelli’s is good, or Richoux; they are neither too cheap, nor too expensive… Somewhere in the middle. For example, a pizza at Bertorelli’s can cost between £7 and £10, a cocktail can cost up to £7… Trust me, for £20 you can eat well, but leave this to him, because London’s gentlemen always pay for everything, and Mr T has always been a gentleman.

-Thanks a lot, I knew I could trust you! Maybe we could meet up soon?

-Yes, of course, call me anytime! Take care Fifi!

-You too! Lots of love! Goodbye!

" Dating in London can end with a kissin 90% of the cases, while 10% will end with a hug and maybe a friendly kiss on the cheek."

Searching phone numbers… No... No...Emma! Fifi hasn’t talked to her recently (usually they spend up to two hours on the phone… Don’t call her, don’t call her, please, Fifi…).

- Emma here!

- Eeeeeeemmm, it’s Fifi calling! I’ve missed you!

- I’ve missed you too, Fifs! How’s my best mate?

- She’s fine, she is in London for a date!

- Woow Fifs, awesome… Need some tips?

- If you have some, I’m sure they will be very, very useful…

-Wait, let me check my agenda! -She laughs- Soo, Fifi’s going on a date with somebody in London; listen up: if the guy is elegant you should be elegant as well, or if he dresses casually, be casual for an evening, you’ll make a good impression, you know? Make sure you look decent and sexy at the same time. Choose a soft perfume, listen, smile, laugh (not so as to wake up the whole neighbourhood though, please promise me! ) and… don’t forget to brush your teeth, because even if you don’t win a French (or shall I say British?) kiss, I’m sure he’ll kiss your cheeks, and give you a hug!! Guys in London always do that!

-Aye, Aye, Sir! Roger that! Emm, I also need some places to go, help!

-Places, places… Oxo Tower. I like the restaurant there, it’s really stylish. They have a big wine list (over 800 from all around the world!), it’s completely non-smoking and also very romantic. Actually, out of all the possibilities, I would always chose the Oxo Tower, because it left me feeling like everybody there had done their utmost to ensure that my perfect evening went exactly as I had planned.

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Fifi and Mr T playing cards in Trafalgar Square!

Hyde Park , Covent Garden and Kew Gardens... they’re romantic too, because walking there is like embracing a new world, surrounded by the perfumes of all different flowers. This is a pleasure which cannot be replaced by anything, believe me!

-I owe you big time Emma! Thanks a lot!

-Call me after your date! Love you!

Of course, Fifi and Mr T finally played cards in Trafalgar Square, sitting next to the fountain and watching the pigeons. They had a great time there! (It’s a secret, dear reader, so… keep it safe!) They talked about lots and lots of memories, whilst acting completely themselves, laughing, walking together through a world made only for them.

Fifi found out another statistic through people she’s been talking to: she found out that dating in London can end with a kiss in 90% of the cases, while 10% will end with a hug and maybe a friendly kiss on the cheek.

So, good luck dating in London, dear reader! :)

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