How is it really, then? Are we, people from all different parts of Europe, similar enough to be ready to create some kind of a commonwealth? Well, from the point of view of the non-Europeans who has been living in Europe, we are alike. But maybe not in the way we'd expect. Let's have a look in an African looking-glass.

Gang_Julian_BegerWe've started a new column, "Why my country is the best in Europe." It's all about crazy happenings, absurdities and strange new ideas - about everything that makes it worth it to live there.This time Laura Elevo about Italy and shopping for a job.

Zgrozelec1emA competition. The task: show us, how ugly Europe can be. No charming old towns, Italian skies, Nordic fjords or glittering metropoles - our continent has so much more to offer! Grandprix: The best we can give you- E&M t-shirt! We hope your instincts will put you on the trail of some pure and unadulterated ugliness.

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