Sometimes it's not about rankings of living standards and unemployment rates - it's not about EU membership, high quality universities or a healthy political culture. It's those little details which make a country the best place to live - it could be the great bread in Germany or the beauties of the Scottish kilt. So we've decided to document some of the more surprising of these details - and this time, Laura Elevo takes you to the sunny climes of Italy...

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Imagine, you could shop for a job!

The best country in Europe is Italy, because here you don't need to write a CV and go to a job interview to answer terrible and provocative questions.You can just win a job!

The Italian supermarket chain Tigros ran a lottery for jobs last month. If you spent at least €30 on your shopping, you could win one of 10 jobs at this supermarket. The winners get a 12 month contract and can start work in December. If they have a job already, they can pass on the offer to a relative.

It means that some Italians could get job from the winners as a birthday, wedding or just a "stop lazing around and finally go to work!" gift. These gifts are worth at least €1,000 to €1,200, because that's how much the salary is per month.

If you think about it a bit more, it could also be possible for the winners to swap the jobs, so very soon you could be reading in an Italian newspaper:

Job Swaps: I'd like to swap a cleaner position for that of a shop assistant, both starting in December. To raise more interest I will throw in a surprise goody bag (products worth €30 from Tigros).

It's a great idea, and it has a future all over Europe! Just think for a minute about those boring stickers which you can collect in German supermarkets, when all you get is the chance to buy a saucepan at a reduced price. That's definitely not funny or up to date any more.

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