Photo: Mariesol Fumy
"Every pot finds its lid!"

Unless you happen to be "Latin lovers," you guys might have a problem – that of not being able to score in bed and make the ladies happy. At least, this is the result of a global online survey carried out by OnePoll.com, as several British newspapers report. 15,000 women from 20 different countries were asked to name the nationality of their best lovers. These women apparently said that Spanish, Brazilian and Italian guys had brought them the greatest pleasure in bed. French men, the classic, were only ranked fourth.

However, the list of losers is long and merciless: while Swedish guys are said to be too quick to finish business in bed, Americans are considered too rough and Scottish men too loud. But the worst lovers are the Germans, who allegedly smell too bad to make bedtime a pleasant affair!

But is this really a reason to worry? The world consists of individuals, of people with different nationalities, ethnicities, traditions, religions, skin colour, eye colour, and different tastes. Everybody looks different, and nobody smells the same! Thus, some girls (and also boys, of course!) do prefer hairy men whose hair they can snuggle up to after an exciting and exhausting night; some of us also like men with a natural scent, who smell of hard work, of nature; men who let us dominate them; men who, if they happen to come early, show their partners in bed that they are truly and overwhelmingly desirable; men who loudly express their satisfaction and therefore give their partners a good feeling; or men who are sweaty because they've been doing the most interesting things in bed...

So guys, relax! There is a German proverb which says: "Jeder Topf findet auch einen Deckel" - every Jack will find his Jill (or literally translated, "Every pot finds its lid"). Hence, even the dominating Dutch, the hairy Russians and the smelly German guys will find their perfect match.

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