cohn_benditSMDaniel Cohn-Bendit is a revolutionary in parliament fighting with his tongue. He hence has what the often anaemic plenary lacks and calls for antagonism against the Commission.

foodSM It's a mere myth that Europe's states are financially hardy. They know how to spend but not how to save. Since robbing the piggy bank is not an option, someone's gotta pay. That will be us.

klausSMVáclav Klaus takes pride in obstructing integration, ignoring climate change and rejecting NGOs. However, the Czechs do like him, says our author from the Czech Republic.

statueSM Commentaries on the new EU triumvirate called for stronger leaders. Absolutely wrong, says our writer. Consensus is crucial: the times of strong leaders are over.

Sunrise in Finland The border between Russia and Finland is stronger than most others in Europe: the neighbours' letters reveal a barrier between two different systems and views of history.

mightyhandsm Votes are not the only source of power in a democracy: language can be too. This link is crucial in politics, especially in Europe. The limits of your language are the limits of your power.

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