Have you ever wanted to make your life extraordinary? Do you want to make it to the top and stay there? Seek no longer - follow our simple instructions to succeed the Ciceronian way.

winner_smallLast issue we were looking for Europe's most ugly corners. The decision was hard to make. We are now happy to present our favourite submissions.

spamWho has never received this kind of email? We all agree that spam is a particularly irritating nuisance and you might have asked yourself: what is the EU doing about it?


Let Europe entertain you - and what could be more entertaining than a crossword puzzle? Of course this is Diaphragm, so be prepared for some unusual twists and fun questions. Are you up for it? Are you up for the ultimate European challenge? Are you up for... the QUEST?

makeloveandwarThe final episode of our popular series about love in the 10th century. Theophano meets Otto's parents and the two finally get to know each other better.

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