coachs_couchPut a gay Polish youngster, a French-Algerian old lady and a Norwegian executive who studied the piano in one room and wait. Diversity*Diversity = Explosion of innovation? Our coach says diversity is often less powerflower and more stress.

btw_smallThe College of Europe is often portrayed as the graduate students preparation camp for a job in Brussels. Few know that the College is much older than the EU and even than the European Communities: since 1948, it's been a state of mind - in every sense.


The Allianz Group insures 75 million customers on five continents - from drivers on South Korea's Incheon Bridge to peasant women in India. But what can graduates expect from one of Europe's biggest insurance companies?


Just imagine! One day you're surfing the net and there it is: the job you always dreamt of. However, there is one downside, too: you have to give up your life at home. For Ulrike Storost, her 'dream job' won - she followed it to Paris.

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