When the economic storm hit Europe the devastation from the 'credit crunch', job losses, a lack of direction, and increased hardship affected everyone. In 2010 the path ahead still looks bleak and 'What to do?' is the question on everyone's lips - nowhere more so than among young Europeans. But even with the negative outlook, the options for young Europeans are in fact many. It was the Greek philosopher Epictetus, who once said "It is not what happens to you, but how you react that matters", and the difficulty for many may in fact come in deciding which route is the best one for them to take while the economic conditions are bad. It is with this in mind that E&M looks at four basic strategies for how to move forward, with expert advice from E&M coach Carolin von Richthofen, to guide you to the most suitable option for you. So that whether you decide on further education, fighting for a job, travelling the world or starting your own business, you can be sure that the next step is a useful one.

carolin_von_richthofenE&M COACH: Carolin von Richthofen

As a coach, Carolin von Richthofen advises people who are going through job-related processes of change and growth or who are struggling with situations of conflict or decision-making. She helps clients from businesses as well as non-profit organisations to realise their wishes and visions.

She holds a degree in psychology and was trained as a systemic family therapist, business coach, career advisor and trainer of social skills.

If you want to know more about her work, visit her website.

Photo on first page: Malte Tiedemann / www.youthphotos.eu

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