Ape in the mirrorWho am I? Your tongue determines who you are - at least to a large extent. But with more than 20 languages, how can there ever be one European identity?

Wilders_smFor Geert Wilders, today's biggest threat is Islam and freedom of religion. He promotes a call to arms in a battle based on fear, fighting fire with fire. Elections will test his popularity.

Orange revolution Kiev Eastern Europe was swayed by revolutions and stuck in oligarchic structures. Now, the colour revolutions are over, but their democratic effects last. The Ukrainian elections show this.

is-it-love_sm So lovely next to each other? Slovenia and Italy exchange letters about "pasta" in Italy and "kind girls" in Slovenia – but the letters also show a relationship that has been neglected.

Gorbi_k_smMikhail Gorbachev led Europe to integration. But this integration was a historical necessity, not his wishes coming true. And so he became a Top European against his will.

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