networking_teaser"Networking is the indispensable basis for any promising career!" Sites like LinkedIn or Xing have redefined what social networking means. Knowing five golden rules will make all the difference for you - especially if you are British... 

granada_teaserSnow in November and devilishly hot summers, Occident and Orient. In Granada, everything comes together - not least, 2000 Erasmus students each year. A European record. Seize the day in Europe's nicest tapas bars!


You move thousands of kilometres from home. You have a hard time building up a new life. All for your dream job. Later, you realise - it's not your dream job after all. Will you go back? Marcel Gruninger stayed in Stockholm, it had become his home. 


Whether it's about famine, injustice, natural disasters, HIV or gender inequality, Oxfam fights for lasting change. With thousands of employees world-wide, committed graduates can expect multicultural teamwork and responsibility early on. 

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