belgian_couple_s In Belgium, there has always been a divide between the Dutch- and the French-speaking community. Now the separatists are at an all-time high. Two Belgians exchange letters.

laura_draws_merkel_sEurope benefits from charismatic visionaries. Angela Merkel, however, avoids any contestation of European topics. For her politics is domestic or international.

no_eulex_s Kosovo heads towards a contradictory future. After visiting judges and rebels, our author concludes:  The price for stability in Kosovo is the rule of law, the EU wanted to achieve.

alt Contrary to usual history of parliaments, the European Parlia- ment is not a result of democracy but of power politics. It was supposed to balance the weight of the different institutions.

Nick CleggHe was unknown to most of the people whom he now represents: Now Britain's Vice Prime Minister Nick Clegg could use his pressure against conservative confrontationalism.

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