flamenco_coverFlamenco: a journey which takes us from Roman Cádiz, through the Arab empire and the wanderings of the Romani into a powerful rhythm which has not lost its fascination.

catfish_coverLost in translation: the weird and wonderful idioms from all over Europe which ought to be part of the English language. This time: what happens to fish and visitors after three days?

Ella_Hickson_cover"To read great love stories is to witness the human instinct to bathe in dissimilarity." Ella Hickson tells us why love is all about translation.

tabby_coverFound in the treasure chests of the English language: useful words, strange phrases, Shakespearean quips...This time: so you thought you were speaking English?

specials_coverWhere should you be heading this summer? We present a menu of the most appetising festivals - from the "Orange Blossom Coast" of Spain to the Ukrainian city of books and people...

shanghai_bride_cover Kabale und Liebe: A pair of lovers are separated by class and finally meet with a tragic end. Alien culture or strange familiarity? A group of Chinese students perform an 18th century German play.

zalewzakrzowek Summer means holidays... and water. But the sea is not the only destination to enjoy a refreshing swim. Discover European lakes and rivers, which hold many more treasures than just water.

amish_coverAmish food has travelled a long way in time and space: it is not only a remnant of a forgotten era, but also a reminder of European cooking long before fridges and fast food changed our lifestyle forever.

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