ParlamentHave you ever wanted to tell politicians how things should be done? Get a chance to try the high art of diplomacy for yourself at the Model European Union (MEU) in Strasbourg. 

budapest bridgeOne of the best universities for social sciences is the Central European University in Budapest. Find out what it feels like to study in this intimate and highly inter- national atmosphere.

challenge_1Are you an adventurer? Put yourself to the test and take on the European Challenge, sponsored by E&M! Show us how far you can get with 50 euros.


You like E&M and our mission of making Europe more personal? We introduce another project for Europe: Bruno and Claire try to broadcast 'l'amour pour l'Europe' (love of Europe) through the air.

KalinaKalina Kirilova never looked for a job in her home country Bulgaria. With a Master in European Studies she headed straight for Western Europe and pitched her tent in Brussels.

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