My couch is your couch

Couchsurfers believe in changing the world. How do you really get to know a place and its people when tourism is so massive that it has carved paths into places which are so deep that you can't climb out of them? Couchsurfing can help you.

In Couchsurfing (CS) every member has his or her own profile where they present themselves to the community. You upload a picture of your couch or the place where your guest can sleep, be it in a spare room or on the floor, and state whether you have time to host. If you don't want to host anybody, don't worry! People who are willing to show travellers around town or grab a beer at night are very welcome too.

Photo: Tobias Mittmann (cc-by-nc)
If you want to engage in the community, Couchsurfing will allow you to travel through Europe with the help of others

To find out how the idea of Couchsurfing was born and what motivates people to participate, continue reading!



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