yja teaserWith a distinguished international jury and a unique emphasis on transnational reporting, our Young Journalist Award elicted inspiring writing from around the continent. The best of it is now available in a special edition of E&M.

reportingeuropeWhat is the future of journalism in an increasingly interconnected world? Which perspective should journalists take when the sovereignty of nation-states is being renegotiated while their audience is still mostly national? How to report on European issues from a transnational angle? 

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Is wealth distributed fairly in Europe? Would an unconditional basic income enhance social justice? E&M carried out a survey among 464 young Europeans regarding their views on social justice. 

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Many Europeans are confused; they are confused about the future of Europe, the European identity and whether our continent can and should go further. E&M participated in a Europe@Debate panel discussion and shared our interpretation of Europe.  












In December 2011 we invited 24 young Europeans to find out more about Europe together with us: the workshop ''Do you speak European?'' took place in Berlin.

Download your personal copy of our 2011 Special Edition. Read the best articles published by E&M in the last year - from Spanish revolutions to living with a sexpert.

What does "Europe" mean to countries which haven't yet joined the EU? At our panel discussion "Debating Europe", we tackled some of the difficult questions surrounding European integration. 

More than 6500 of you told E&M what you think of foreign policy in Europe. E&M represented the voice of young Europeans in one of the most influential political gatherings of the year - the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum.

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