Many congratulations to the winners of Europe & Me's inauguralYoung Journalist Award:

Johanna Meyer-Gohde / Aleksandra Luczak: A Bus to Europe

And an honourable mention for our two runners-up:

Lilian Marian Pithan: Juggling Origins on Wine and Crackers

Barbara Péterfi: Roman Holiday, Hungarian Style



Finally, thanks to our impressive list of shortlisted candidates, whose articles you can find in the special edition of Europe & Me:

Armin Peter, from Germany, and Thanasis Troboukis, from Greece, interviewed Pakistani immigrants waiting in front of the embassy in Athens – not to get in, but to get out of the EU.

Barbara Péterfi, 23, from Hungary, evokes an unexpected dimension of what dolce vita in Rome can mean: an ordinary working day of Hungarian beggars.

Davide Colombini, 23, from Italy, investigates what leaving the EU might mean for Britain – and for the local Italian mafia activities.

Fernando Burgés, 28, from Spain, whisks us off to Georgia shedding light on what people out there think of themselves and of Europe. 

Johanna Meyer-Gohde, 28, from Germany, and Aleksandra Luczak, 27, from Poland, have talked to people waiting at the Berlin bus station – a snapshot portray of ambitions and goals that could not be more diverse.

Lilian Maria Pithan, 28, from Germany, has written a personal piece on how complex and ambiguous the question of identity gets in a European context – and how relieving this can be.

Mirza Mustafić, 26, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, shows how hypocritical European refugee policy is, and – in light of the Lampedusa tragedy – urges to focus the humanitarian driving forces behind illegal immigration.

Svjetlana Rezo, 25, from Croatia, tells the story of Germany and the Gastarbeiter from Ex-Yugoslavia – as the tale of two lovers trying to get along with each other.

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