From Hungarian beggars in Rome to cheese and crackers on a Parisian pavement, via Athens, Georgia and a motley bus station in Berlin: the shortlisted entries for our first ever Young Journalist Award took us on an evocative journey through modern Europe. These shining examples of transnational reporting by young writers were picked from hundreds of submissions from every corner of Europe. In February 2014, a distinguished international jury met online and awarded the prize to Johanna Meyer-Gohde and Aleksandra Luczak.

Shortlisted candidates were invited to participate in a three-day journalism workshop in Berlin with sessions led by Adam Reichardt of New Eastern Europe. You can read the winning entries and other articles produced at our workshop in our special print edition.


Many thanks to all the young writers who submitted their work. Thanks also to the jury members and to the Körber Foundation, whose generous support made this project possible.

Many congratulations to the winners of Europe & Me's inauguralYoung Journalist Award:

Johanna Meyer-Gohde / Aleksandra Luczak: A Bus to Europe

And an honourable mention for our two runners-up:

Lilian Marian Pithan: Juggling Origins on Wine and Crackers

Barbara Péterfi: Roman Holiday, Hungarian Style



Finally, thanks to our impressive list of shortlisted candidates, whose articles you can find in the special edition of Europe & Me:

Armin Peter, from Germany, and Thanasis Troboukis, from Greece, interviewed Pakistani immigrants waiting in front of the embassy in Athens – not to get in, but to get out of the EU.

Barbara Péterfi, 23, from Hungary, evokes an unexpected dimension of what dolce vita in Rome can mean: an ordinary working day of Hungarian beggars.

Davide Colombini, 23, from Italy, investigates what leaving the EU might mean for Britain – and for the local Italian mafia activities.

Fernando Burgés, 28, from Spain, whisks us off to Georgia shedding light on what people out there think of themselves and of Europe. 

Johanna Meyer-Gohde, 28, from Germany, and Aleksandra Luczak, 27, from Poland, have talked to people waiting at the Berlin bus station – a snapshot portray of ambitions and goals that could not be more diverse.

Lilian Maria Pithan, 28, from Germany, has written a personal piece on how complex and ambiguous the question of identity gets in a European context – and how relieving this can be.

Mirza Mustafić, 26, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, shows how hypocritical European refugee policy is, and – in light of the Lampedusa tragedy – urges to focus the humanitarian driving forces behind illegal immigration.

Svjetlana Rezo, 25, from Croatia, tells the story of Germany and the Gastarbeiter from Ex-Yugoslavia – as the tale of two lovers trying to get along with each other.

E&M is proud to have brought together a a jury of renowned European journalists to select the final winning articles. The composition of the jury is was follows: 

Martin Meister, jury president. A graduated biologist and philosopher, Martin Meister has worked for the Stern, GEO Wissen, GEO Wissenschaft, GEO TV, and GEO kompakt. Since 2008 he is editor-in-chief of GEO International.

Nicola Davis is commissioning editor of Observer Tech Monthly. She has previously written for The Times, The Guardian, The Times Literary Supplement and has worked with the Campaign for Science and Engineering.

Nadja Dumouchel works as a film commissioning editor for the european cultural TV channel ARTE in Strasbourg. As a polyglot, she is dedicated to the international art house film scene. Addicted to all forms of writing, she not only works on screenplays for the cinema with authors from all over the world, but also writes film critiques for the cultural magazine NOVO.

Andreas Müllerleile works for the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR). Being a media savvy EU specialist, he has been involved in a variety of online projects and initiatives. He is the co-founder of bloggingportal.eu and has been an editor at Th!nk about it and Ideas on Europe. He previously worked for the European Foundation Centre in Brussels and interned at the Delegation of the European Commission to Romania as well as at the Goethe Institute in Bucharest. He is is currently completing a PhD in European Studies at Loughborough University (UK).

Adam Reichardt is the Editor-in-Chief of New Eastern Europe, a quarterly news magazine covering Central and Eastern European Affairs. He previously spent eight years in public policy in Washington DC, as well as a large portion of his studies in Kraków, Poland, where he now permanently resides.

Christian Diemer has been an author, editor and project manager for Europe & Me since 2009. Having studied composition and musicology in Weimar, Germany, he is currently writing his PhD on traditional music in Ukraine.


The E&M Young Journalist Award is organised in cooperation with Europa neuer Ideen e.V. / Europe of new Ideas, the legal association which is behind E&M.

The Award is kindly supported by Körber Foundation.

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