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Good Reads 21/01/12

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Each week, two E&M editors share their favourite European reads. From blog posts to essays, it can be anything that amused them, worried them or got them thinking about Europe.

Laura, Legs Editor


Merkozy: History of a more or less romantic relationship

Friends with benefits. A concept which never really goes out of style... But which also doesn't actually work. Or does it? This article describes the ups and downs of what is probably Europe's most prominent couple; Merkozy. Don't feel silly for reading about this story of a love-hate relationship; rather let yourself be reminded that even world politics to some degree depends on the chemistry between a woman and a man...

Rethinking allowed: The Tobin Tax

When I was 14 years old, I took part in an 'attac' summer academy in Dresden. I can still remember the warm summer evenings, cheap beer and what were probably the first endless and sometimes pointless political discussions of my life. It was then, 10 years ago, that I first heard about the Tobin Tax and, young, naive and optimistic as I was, thought: "Interesting. But it's never ever going to happen!" Good thing I was wrong and it took only a severe financial crisis to actually put the topic on the EU's agenda...

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