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Our crazy ideas department has just come up with a few more exciting ways to get involved in Europe's best online magazine. 

The "Best of E&M" E-Book: 

Still recovering from the hangover of publishing Issue #15, oh and our New Year's celebrations, we decided to put together our favourite six articles from 2011. We added the stories behind the authors and a short review of the projects we've been involved in to raise the voice of young Europeans over the last year. And best of all for you - its free!

Download it here - just one facebook/twitter share and its all yours!

E&M delivered to your inbox

In the world of a thousand news feeds and global information overload, we want to offer you something different: a unique transnational approach to live European issues. Our Sixth Sense is now featured on the central news hub Bloggingportal.eu and if you want to stream our regular blogs straight to your google reader/feedly/other feed reader, here's the RSS feed: http://www.europeandme.eu/sixthsense?format=feed&type=rss 

We're accepting reader submissions!      

So, you want to be a writer? Take the first step to a career in journalism and submit your pieces to E&M for publication in Sixth Sense. We've got readers from across the continent. We're developing our own approach to European issues, which we call transnational journalism, so we've established some guidelines here. But it's your magazine, and we will read all submissions and give advice on developing your writing skills as well as help in crafting magnificant pieces of European journalism.

And what's next for 2012?

Well... let's just say the crazy ideas department of E&M have at least 3 new projects in mind! We wish we could tell you, but we can't! But maybe your suggestions are better? Send us an email on what we can improve in 2012 at: editorial[at]europeandme.eu    

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If the Editorial team had an actual office it would have to stretch from the corner of Britain to the edges of Spain, Sweden, Germany and beyond. (With frequent trips to America too) .  The term 'from the editorial office' then, is very much a figure of speech. 

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