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Simulating is not malingering. E&M at MEUS

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There are a lot more MUNs than MEUs out there, but there is only one MEUS, and since MEUS is a MUST, E&M is there to cover it.

E&M would not be E&M if it did not dismantle those cryptic abbreviations. Those who have been E&M maniacs for long enough as to read this age-old article can skip the following paragraph or delve into the Baby section instead. For everyone else, here you go:

MUN, MEU, MEUS, E&M. Basically, M stands for Model – not in E&M though, where it stands for Me, which is I, which is you, the readers, we, us… Yet except for E&M, M means Model, so far so good. A MUN nevertheless is not the conference of the prettiest of the international community, nor is a MEU an EU-wide beauty contest – at least not in the literal sense of the word. Rather than that, a MUN is a gathering of people willing to put themselves in the shoes of diplomats of the United Nation. And just the same kind of modelling or simulation when applied to the European Union and its political bodies is referred to as a Model European Union.

What may sound like a get-together of megalomaniac nerds playing war or big politics, is indeed a thrilling and very intense learning experience – and, if well organised, it can be tremendously realistic. 

Photo: BETA e.V
Voting session

And then there's the S in MEU-S. Since 2007*, Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA e. V.) has organised an annual Model European Union taking place not just anywhere, but in the premises of the European Parliament itself, thus in S as in Strasbourg. Since then the simulation has been constantly enlarged and professionalised, which today makes MEU Strasbourg not only the flagship project of BETA, but even one of the most prestigious simulations of European policy-making. Needless to say, apart from involving a lot of hard and serious simulation work, MEUS is loads of fun.

This week, right here in Strasbourg, the 7th edition of MEUS is negotiating the European directive on music copyright and the Croatian EU-accession. MEUS would not be MEUS if it didn't simulate according to the so-called co-decision procedure, which is the ordinary cooperation of European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (the chamber of the 27 state representatives), just as in real life. Both houses will have to approve the music copyright directive for it to become EU law some time today.

Will Croatia become a member state of the EU? This is the other subject on the agenda of the simulation today. In this case, delegates will decide by consensus of all 27 member states whether or not the country is to join the EU.

Negotiations are ongoing, on both issues, the delegates have not gone easy on themselves, the chairpersons have done their best, the lobbyists have thrown it all in. Stay tuned when E&M will report on today's outcome from the plenary hall of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and right from the heart of MEUS.


*) To be quite correct, BETA was founded only in August 2008, while the 2007 edition of MEU Strasbourg was organised by AEGEE-Strasbourg. We thank Philip Obenauer, former President of BETA, for the rectification. More information on BETA (http://www.beta-europe.org/content/about-beta) and BETA’s history can be found here: http://www.beta-europe.org/content/history."

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