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Croatian Challenges, Single Market Piracy and Alsatian Carbon Footprints. Starring MEU Strasbourg – Day One

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Simulating the EU is not exactly an easy task. Thus one week ago, MEU Strasbourg started with a preparatory day, during which the future MEPs and delegates were briefed once more on the topics to be discussed in the following days, had the chance to consolidate the rules of procedure, and could exercise their debating skills.

From Monday on, things got serious and suits became mandatory. The day also brought another exciting feature: daily video newscasts put together by MEU’s video journalists Anke Harthoorn, Mitch Weaver, and Jan Zelina. It is thanks to the so-called Strasbourg Insider that MEU outsiders can nevertheless glimpse the inner workings of the simulation experience. This is why we decided that the videos should not be withheld from all the E&M Insiders out there.

Let Croatian Ambassador Marina Carre-Moliva explain the challenges and fears the Croatian people associate with becoming the 28th member state of the European Union. Listen to Commissioner Martin Dederke, when he envisions how the Music Copyright Proposal of the European Commission will bring the single market to the digital age. And let Magda Nemkyova from the European Greens explain how the Parliament in Strasbourg can help MEPs reduce their carbon footprint.

Just one note on that: in case you’re wondering why you can’t find these charming people on the next European parliamentary election list, or how come a Croatian ambassador can be so terribly young, well, this is because outside the MEU they’re not MEPs or ambassadors – at least not yet. But from now on, as we delve into the inside world of MEU, this will become irrelevant... 


 Video: MEU Strasbourg, Day 1. Copyright: Anke Harthoorn, Mitch Weaver, and Jan Zelina

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