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Good Reads 14/01/2012

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Each week, two E&M editors share their favourite European reads. From blog posts to essays, it can be anything that amused them, worried them or got them thinking about Europe. 

Rike, Sixth Sense Editor:


•   Every now and then it can be inspiring to get an outside perspective on our many European issues. This week, I stumbled across the essay "European Identities" by the political scientist Francis Fukuyama, which provides us with quite an American view. We strive to feel European, but have we failed? According to Fukuyama, we can best observe just how different our national identities are by analysing different European countries’ ways of dealing with immigrants. What does make a person French, German, Dutch or British? Fukuyama lays out national peculiarities from a French "set of core political values" to the British tendency not to address "the question of national identity at all." As for me, I still believe there is room for an identity in a broader European context. 

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