We are excited to announce a new opportunity to make your voice heard! We want you to let us know your thoughts on a pressing issue for today's Europe: social justice. 

In some European countries over 50% of young people are currently unemployed. Does Europe need more justice? The proposal of an unconditional basic income is said to be a model for the future and a way to create a more just society. At its basis it means that every person gets a certain amount of money every month no matter what - without conditions. We are interested in your view of justice in your country, justice in Europe and the unconditional basic income.

E&M, along with FutureLab Europe and the Körber Foundation, has developed a short survey and now we need YOUR voice. Participate at www.europeandme.eu/survey and share! 

Your view will help inform our representatives when they go to the annual conference of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) in Belfast this June. During the Europe@Debate discussion, we will be sharing the views of young Europeans with leading policy makers and academics. And of course, we will share the outcomes of the survey and debate with you. 


Still need convincing? Here's the amazing infographics Franc Camps-Febrer made for us from the results of our last survey on European foreign policy. And you can check out videos of our authors and editors confronting politicians with the voice of young Europeans!

Help us raise the voice of young Europeans!

The Editorial Team

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