Wednesday, 11 July 2012 06:34

From Visegrad summer school

Seeing as any story needs a hero, let's begin with the intriguing Czech girl (Alexandra is her name) who asked me if I was going to write anything about this event for E&M. Visegrad Summer School is a two-week intensive workshop for young Eastern Europeans in Villa Decius - a beautiful 16th century architectural gem that is a residence of the leading Kraków cultural foundation/NGO.

Besides Poles there are Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Georgians, Russians, Slovenians, Romanians and last (but definitely not least) one lone Armenian girl who is great at discussing the fascinating cultural heritage of that ancient European state, or the current shortcomings of the Eastern Partnership initiative in the Caucasus region.

Even though it's just been one day, I've already fallen in love with the atmosphere. The main aim of the VSS is to integrate the young people of the region and give them a unique chance to share ideas, work together intensively and try to launch some future projects. Hence, you can only imagine what an exciting opportunity the Visegrad Summer School provides for anyone interested in Eastern Europe. Beyond the typical summer school workshops (which, here, are attended by ministers, ambassadors and policy makers of the region) the best thing is that you meet all these fascinating people from Eastern Europe. We investigated the diverse meanings of (to paraphrase Czesław Miłosz) "our native" part of the Old Continent.

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